Day 105: Man Up Ladybird!

Negative: I didn't lose any weight. Positive: I didn't gain any weight. Nah! Negative wins. Yeah, yeah, spare the well meaning speech about 'slow processes' and 'adjustments' and 'a good loss averages out at half a kilo to a kilo a week'. I need it immediately. I want it now! This is the now generation. Google is my professor. The last four sentences stolen directly from the Black Eyed Peas. I am suffering the seven hours sleep in two days syndrome more commonly known as day shift. Again. Anyone out there know a good way to get off the sleep deprivation/sleep excess bandwagon that is shift work? Six years, just shy, and I cannot get it right.

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This is my pattern. Suggestions of improvement are pleadingly sought. Please note that telling me to get up earlier will be a suggestion I just laugh at and tell you is impossible. Eight day rotating shift. Days one and two work twelve hours, seven am to seven pm. The night before day one is the worst. I often get to bed about midnight or one, but sleep often doesn't come until three at the earliest, sometimes not at all. Despite extreme exhaustion, I probably still only manage five hours the next night. Night two, with day three a rest day, I am up until ... well, at least an hour from now, if not more. Now is two am. Then I will sleep until one or two tomorrow afternoon. And be depressed because I slept the day away. I'll make up for it by staying up until five or six am. Now I am on night shift mode. Day four and five I work nights, seven pm to seven am. Ironically, on night shift I will come home and get into bed fairly shortly thereafter (recently it is stretching out later and later though) and so I'll sleep from about nine to four. On day six, day one of three days off, I'll go to bed about nine am again but set the alarm for two-ish. Then I will hit the snooze button for up to another three or so hours. That night up 'til six am, sleep 'til three, up 'til five, sleep 'til two and then we're back to the night before day shift. I think it averages out to about six hours a night. And the only solution I can come up with is permanent nights. That way there is no changing. Permanent days are impossible. I prefer to see dawn from the perspective of the end rather than the beginning. But permanent nights would play havoc with my vitamin D. Boo hoo, poor me. Man up, Ladybird!

The Outfit
Top: Op-shopped (this is my attempt to meld sportswear with fashion. I love this top with its shiny fake fabric, its ostentatious labelling (and I don't like labelling), its assymetrical neck and its pockets (love, love, love pockets), but it sure got a few basketball references and some candid 'I don't like it' comments. Makes me want to wear it more. Hee hee.)
Jacket: Myers
Skirt: Op-shopped
Tights: Retail
Shoes: Irregular Choice 'Burlesque Beauty'

Photographer de Jour: V——

Who wore it better?

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  1. Love the mix of sporty and sassy!! The heels are faaaantastic too!

  2. How creative to combine a sporty jersey with a skirt. Very nice

  3. Thanks for sharing your creativity with Visible Monday!

  4. Trying to loose weight? Hah, tell me about it! I have been trying to loose that 3 kilos 1 gained last year and still no news. I stopped bothering with the scale, as long as I still fit in my current clothes I am ok! This outfit has an unusual mix but dang, it works! Very edgy actually!


  5. I tried to white board that and came to one conclusion. Night shift suck!

    See you have a sponsor now.

    Mushy stuff

    1. Can you send me a copy of the white board printout? Was there a flow chart? Thanks for trying!! xxx

  6. Commiserations on the lack of weight loss. I hear you re "negative wins". This morning I weighed 100g less than yesterday, for some reason I thought that number would be higher so I was pissed off even though I was ahead.

    Science also hears you. Aparently positives have to be 2.5 times bigger than negatives for the positive to cancel out the negative. My theory is that this goes back to when we were living in caves. There's only so much food you can eat, so getting more of it doesn't add to happiness that much, whereas, if you lose food you can starve to death - so the negative people are the ones who survived.

    Re the sleep thing - some thoughts on options:
    - if you went full time nights you could take vitamin d supplements
    - crazy idea but you could give up caffeine completely, which would mean you would fall into bed at night, but the lighting should keep you awake at work (may be an issue on the trip home though)
    - you could find a job that doesn't involve shift work

    - Isabella

    1. That last idea is pure brilliance in its simplicity. Mmm, now just need the perfect job to come my way without trying. I understand about the 2.5 times bigger happinesses. But I know how mortified I would be if I actually gained - a reality I may have to deal with this week with my falling off the wagon a few times this week.

  7. Don't worry the Panacea is just around the corner in The Form of my Lotto Windfall.

  8. I have no idea how anyone who works shift work does it. I would be in the mental hospital.

    I think losing weight must be even more difficult as a shift worker. Also when you are tired you automatically want to eat more to give yourself some energy.

    That is one wild outfit! I think it would go over quite well in some of the sports bars here.


  9. Blog hopping from Color Blind - I can sympathize with the sleep deprivation and weight gain...wish there was a magic pill to fix it all! Good luck!

    1. Thanks so much. I will be lining up for that pill when someone makes it. It would be too good to be true though and will probably have horrific side affects - :). Thanks for popping over


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