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Elation: The emotion felt when you wake up at a time you deem to be late for the preparation of a work day, only to have the realisation dawn that's it is actually a day off.

Fright: Accompanied by a rapid rise in heart-rate and a desire to high-tail it in the other direction, this emotion is experienced, typically, when you catch a movement in you eye's corner and look up to a staring competition with a mouse sitting on your computer table.

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Disappointment: The feeling you get when the new parcel of shoes arrive and one of them is not wearable. It is exacerbated by the fact that a simple quality control check should have picked it up and so the disappointment extends to what has been my favourite shoe company to date.

Anxiety: Related to disappointment, this feeling can arise with actively imagined thoughts of a shoe company not doing 'the right thing' about a sub-standard pair and, and this is the anxious bit, having to put my bad-service/not-using-you-any-more theory into action and find an alternative, but equally radical, shoe supplier.

The Outfit
Dress: Op-shopped
Long Sleeve Top: Target (actually my thermal underwear)
Top: Op-shopped
Tights: Retail
Shoes: Iron Fist

Photographer de Jour: V2--

Who wore it better?

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