Day 111: Reasons I Have No Time

Why is Pinterest so dedicated to trying to convince us that sharks are not to be feared as a way of dying? We are more likely to be killed by elevators and high fructose corn syrup. Great, now we have to be fearful of things that are much, much, much more common and prevalent in our lives.

In a study I conducted, forty-three percent of all desserts and cakes posted to Pinterest are red velvet. This may not be a representative number for the whole of Pinterest and was, frankly, made up. But there are a lot. I don't understand the attraction. It is just red food colouring.

It doesn't work to show million of photos of cakes and biscuits and cookies on Pinterest and then throw in a paleo option of covering a watermelon with coconut cream, fresh fruit and nuts and calling it a cake. Pinterest makes us eat while we wish we were skinny enough to fit into the clothes on there, and while we pin exercise routines we can do while watching NCIS (ten push ups every time Gibbs kisses Abby, ten squats everytime Ziva uses an idiom incorrectly).

List_Addict               Irene

Zero: the number of times I have done one of the things I pinned to do later from Pinterest. All of them: the number of times I remembered seeing how to do something I wanted to do on Pinterest and then was unable to find the applicable pin in any conceivable search.

The most annoying things about Pinterest are also the most annoying things about life: the bad spelling and grammar (hey, just coz I can pick it doesn't mean I don't do it myself, totally understand I am not worthy to throw stones, but this is my list of annoyances—you can put my hypocrisy on yours!); the repetition; the over-representation of perfection; and; when someone comes up with a fabulous idea I already had and didn't get out there myself. Still doesn't stop me looking.

And lastly, there are lots of clever people out there. And nice shoes. And places to go. And amazing houses to live in. And things to knit and things to do. None of those things will be a reality unless I stop looking at Pinterest!

The Outfit
Long Sleeved T-shirt: Retail
Knitted Jacket: Op-shopped
Skirt: Op-shopped
Shoes: Irregular Choice 'Ice Cream Honey'

Photographer de Jour: V——

Who wore it better?

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  1. Found you through the GFC link up. Would love it if you followed me and liked me as well. Vodka Infused Lemonade.

    Check out my blog for a stella & dot giveaway and join me this Thursday April 25 for my link up.


  2. Stopping by from the blog hop at:

    i can see why red velvet was at the top of the list!!
    It is FOR sure my weakness!

    1. Thanks for stopping buy. Cake. I love it. I hear you.

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you. They are one of my favorite pairs although I wasn't sure when I bought them. They are also comfy and I can walk in them. Can't say that about all my shoes unfortunately.


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