Day 118: Gettin' Wiggy With Ma Bros

It may seem that I have an endless amount of things to talk about from the way I manage, on most days, to put something down on this little old blog here. You may think I am just verbose or a chatterbox. But sometimes, sometimes my dear friends, I struggle to be so witty and engaging. Okay, most times. But I struggle to find topics to be unwitty and unengaging about some days, and so I am joining up today with Social Sunday becase it is a fabulous way for me to instantly get something to write about. Thanks so much Neely—you have saved me brain-strain for a day. So, to it:

Q: Did you sleepwalk as a child?
A: I don't think so. I used to avoid sleeping so that I could read. I remember being marched back to bed after finding spots to read in the night. My sister is a fabulous sleep-walker though. She changes the linens in her sleep, or just takes the whole mattress off the bed and gets back on the slats to sleep. Lots of fun when you share a bed with your hubby, I am sure. (Hope she doesn't mind me sharing. It's more excitng for me to tell her story than for me to just say 'no'.)

Q: Did you ever try to run away or sneak out of your house?
A: I remember running away down the street once when I was quite young. I tied items in a hanky on a stick like all good Huck's. But I came back before anyone noticed I had left. Those were the days when you played in the street and the difference between playing and running away was less obvious. I did sneak out of my bedroom to meet my boyfriend when I was about fifteen. And, just to include my little sis' again, she dobbed me in. They all knew about it in my family that time!

List_Addict               Irene

Q: Did you have any imaginary friends?
A: No, I am antisocial/socially inept in my imagination too.

Q:Did you ever go toilet papering?
A: Have I not explained to you my sensitive relationship to paper? And despite my answers to question two, I am actually a bit of a goodie-two-shoes. We did spend an afternoon jumping onto styrofoam boards in our pool to break them into smaller and smaller pieces. That, and writing into wet concrete once, are my only wilful damage offences. And with the pool thing we got to spend the rest of the same afternoon cleaning out balls of polystyrene from the pool with sieves. In retrospect I think it is one of the finest examples of punishment I ever saw.

Q: Did you ever sneak TV shows you weren't allowed to watch?
A: If anything, it was almost the other way around during my childhood. My mum. inadvertently I am sure, subjected me to some things I should probably not have seen or read. There was the time I thought we kids were watching a movie about Herbie the Love Bug while the adults did the seventies party thing (don't want to know). But it was a movie called Bug about giant cockroach type creatures that set people on fire. And then there was the time she borrowed Beautiful Losers for me from the library (I think I had asked for a 'romance'). Have you read it? It is a drug-trip exploration of bi-sexuality and Quebecian seperatism written in a postmodern melange of styles. It is sneak-worhy for any aspiring teenager and it was handed to me by my mother. As were other sneak-worthy novels: A Clockwork Orange (teacher) and Slaughterhouse Five (that was my mum on a trip to the library again, this time for a 'horror')

The Outfit
I am being the statue dedicated to my badmington success today
We took up badmington today: until the bat broke
Hoodie: Beachport Milk Bar, Beachport, South Australia
Shorts: K-Mart
Leggings: Are not pants; Target
Shoes (ugly; very, very ugly): Athlete's Foot

Photographer de Jour: V——

Who wore it better?

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  1. Memories!!!

    Lovely. I still claim blissful ignorance for that day.



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