Day 99: Trials and Tribulations of a First World Shopper

Whoo! I just did a scary thing. I transferred what is owing on my credit card over to that account electronically. When you make the little payments online it seems less paranoia-inducing. When you pay off the last chunk, in a largish sized mega-chunk, you suddenly think that the numbers are not going to work and that money—hard, hard earned—is going to disappear into the ether somewhere and that credit card statement is not going to arrive on the door with a lovely, shiny zero dollars balance. I am not, however, paranoid enough to actually go into a bank and wait fifty-three minutes for a person to serve me when I can just do it online. That would be silly.

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So. Zero balance eh? I am thinking this is a good time to buy those Irregular Choice shoes I was thinking about. I was mortified to discover recently that the wishlist of styles I had a while ago have sold out in my size. I have had to rethink my choices. Sad as it is to not be able to get the ones I wanted, the new list may be (entity forbid) more sensible. Don't misunderstand—the shoes are no more sensible, just the brevity of the list. I have managed to whittle it down to four pairs. And, just because that zero balance is now niggling at me, we have also started to assess the possible destinations for the next get-away. I read somewhere—a very prestigious source—that it is bad for your mental health to have no, or even only one, holiday planned at any given time. No holiday is self-explanatory in the effect it would have on your depression level. Or my depression level at any rate. But only one planned is a little more complicated. It is like getting married. There is so much build up and excitement and expectation. And then the day comes. And then it goes. And then—nothing. Maybe you should also have two weddings planned at any given time; holidays are better value for money in my opinion. If you have two, then when you get home from one, you have another to look forward to. America in November is number one. We just had to sort out a wee little week-long for the middle of the year. We (me and the boy) picked three destinations each this afternoon. Turned out we had a couple in common and so we had four to choose from—Seminyak, Bali; Koh Samui, Thailand; Broome, Australia; Queenstown, New Zealand. A random number generator has chosen Koh Samui. We will have to endure sitting around reading books, drinking cocktails and getting foot massages. I feel much more mentally healthy now that that has been decided. I still can't quite push the Buy button on those shoes though—what is wrong with me?

The Outfit
Top: Op-shopped
Cardigan: Op-shopped
Skirt: Op-shopped
Bracelets: CCJJSS
Brooch: Made by the incredibly talented B——. She didn't want me to show you it close up so please blur your eyes. It is an idea-in-progress, but let me know if you would like one and I will have a word. They are made of porcelain and are lovely!
Shoes: Poetic Licence from Irregular Choice 'Whiplash'

Photographer de Jour: V——

Who wore it better?

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  1. What a neat brooch and fun color combination!

  2. Something to do, someone to love and something to look forward to equates to bliss, happiness or contentment.

  3. I am so jealous of the shoes you are wearing. I have been thinking about buying those for over a year now. Are they comfortable? I adore Poetic License shoes but my pocketbook does not.

    I so agree with having a vacay or 2 planned to keep a person looking forward. Although just having gone through a very scary cancer scare with my husband recently I can say now that every day forward is much more like a mini vacation than before. It's all perspective in life.


    1. Thanks so much - I get them via Irregular Choice's website. They often have sales if the pocketbook is hesitant. And they are just an amazing bunch of shoes to look at if it isn't. Thanks for visiting!

  4. Those shoes are fabulous!
    They look great on you--such an unique color and design.

    blue hue wonderland


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