Day 103: Everyday Super Hero

How can something happen in your town for ten years and you not be aware of it? Alright, it is a town of over three million people. And for the most part I bury my head in the sand and pretend nothing is happening because I dont want to look at the news, read the paper or listen to the radio. (I like my personal space to be invaded only by the knowledge I allow in—work gives me too much of the stuff I didn't ask for, and frankly would sometimes rather un-know.) And if I knew about this, would I actually go? Supernova. The Pop Culture Festival. Essentially it is a fan expo for all things pop-culture from Dr Who to Game of Thrones, The Hobbit to The Simpsons, Buffy to Twilight, Chuck to Nip/Tuck. I just didn't realise we had one here in Melbourne. Every year. My preference would be to find a good spot at the entrance and watch the people coming and going, or mingling in the street prior to their immersion in this mad world of costume, character and charisma. Actually being inside would get my people-queezies going. But that space between worlds would be really interesting. And if I had a high powered camera and lens, even better. I have to work tomorrow (Sunday, 14 April, 2013), but if you are free, it's on 10 'til 6, Melbourne Show Grounds; costumes almost mandatory.

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I have asked this before: is fashion really just about costume? It's what makes me curious to see Supanova. Thousands of people taking an often once in a year opportunity to dress up. Is it so different for the majority of us in regards to clothes? For over a hundred days I have pushed myself (most days) to wear something a little 'different', a little more 'styled', out of my comfort zone, sometimes even theatrical or coutured (in action, not brand). It is just dressing up. For the most part, when I get home, I get into one of the dozen or so go-to outfits that, without this project, would probably be the only things I would wear. I see lots of bloggers saying the same thing: without the blog, they would stay in their jeans and their track pants and rarely make the effort. Which raises the question why we have all these other items in our wardrobes if we never wear them unless pushed? If I wore the majority of the outfits in my posts to do my everyday things—going to work, walking the dog, grocery shopping (like the last thing ever happens), I would probably feel no less exposed than if I were engaged in cosplay (I use it like I knew what it was prior to googling it two minutes ago—costume play, performance art (another word for dress-up that sounds way cooler) and role play in the guise of favourite pop culture characters). Is it a matter of not wanting to stand out from the crowd? Or not wanting to put yourself up for judgement? From people who don't know you and who you will probably not hear anyway? How do you feel about wearing statement outfits as everyday ones? Maybe it is just me and a lack of confidence. I know it is all in my head. I would love to be braver. But first I probably need to learn how to walk in most of the shoes I wear to shoots. Today's pair definitely included.

The Outfit
Shirt: Op-shopped
Skirt: Op-shopped
Boots: Dan Sullivan's at Irregular Choice 'Visionary Viper'
Pie: Pear and Mint Crumble that I made today: you do not realise how rare a thing it is for me to cook! Let alone bake!!

Photographer de Jour: B——

Apologies for the light quality—I should have got ready much earlier

Who wore it better?

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  1. Here from the blog hop! I always wonder that question when I find out something new going on in town- where have I been all these years?! Cute outfit!

  2. I wait to hear what superhero you dressed as.

    Hope you are feeling better.


  3. It can be a fine line between being uniquely dressed and looking like you are wearing a costume. When a person chooses to wear a costume normally that means they are masquerading as someone else. Are we choosing to dress as our "real" selves or as other versions of what we would like to be? What is it that we are trying to convey with our choice of clothes? I know when I walk the dog or buy groceries I don't care about standing out in the crowd. I just want to get my shopping done. If I'm going to a party or a night on the town I do want to stand out and will make an extra effort to wear something that no one else either has or would put together. It is an interesting topic.

    Good luck on learning how to walk in those shoes! They are gorgeous but I can see where they could be a bit challenging. I wouldn't see you walking the dog in them! LOL


    1. I was thinking about that when I was writing this blog. Dressing up in costume is pretending to be someone definable. Who do we pretend to be when we dress up in fashion? That is so much greyer. But its an interesting question. A lady stopped my bestie in the street the other day. She was wearing a pair of flat but cute patent leather, yellow, buckled, pointed shoes to take our puppy-of-cuteness for a walk. The lady said to my friend: Those shoes are not suitable for walking a dog. Mmmm thanks for your opinion! Hilarious.


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