Day 97: What Would You Give?

So you can't sell your organs, but you can get paid an amount a week to make up for income lost while you recover from donating your organs. Of course, just the ones you cant live without—that pretty much leaves a kidney, some of your liver and a lung or cornea if you're desperate (I am making that up, do not listen to me 0=). What do we think about this news? For some it is giving back something for the sacrifice you are making to help another human being; for others it is getting paid for your organs in six payments and at a really cheap rate. If someone needed my kidney, I would be happy if they just paid my bills for the time I wasn't at work, gave me an allowance and chocolate, and bought me a holiday at the end. Otherwise it feels a little dirty. Actually it still feels a little dirty. Just have the damn thing. But remember how I told you I was a Libran? Don't forget the Libran's problem health spot is the kidney. How do you feel about sharing yours?

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I'd like to play Mah Jong more regularly. But you need four people and I don't want to go out of my house. Can three people come here? I really need to get my hair cut. But I don't want to go out of my house. Can't people knock on your door, do your hair very quickly without talking to you, and leave? I'd like to have a piece of english gingerbread cake. I would go out of the house for that. Even now, maybe, in this state of purest exhaustion. For cake I would go. Cake ...

The Outfit
T-shirt: Barkins
Cardigan: Op-shopped
Skirt: Op-shopped, on my last shopping spree
Socks: Retail
Shoes: Dr Martens

Photographer de Jour: S——

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  1. The whole thing is a mine field. I've been doing a coursa course on behavioural economics and there is a whole section on default options. Countries where you have to fill out a form to not donate organs when you die have almost 100 percent acceptance, while country where you have to fill out a form to donate have about 30 per cent participation. Also, in countries using the opt-out method, people place much less importance on donating - it's just something everyone does, whereas for countries using the opt-in method, people see it as important as leaving 50% of your wealth to a stranger.

    But that's just in relation to after you die and are no longer using your organs. Before you die raises all sorts of other issues. Another one from behaviour economics is the divide between market norms and social norms, eg you show your appreciation when a friend invites you to dinner by bringing them a bottle of wine, not by paying for the meal, because bringing cash into the equation will mar the friendship. This issue is relevant to live organ donation as well. On the one hand, it appears it being argued that if people donate organs then they should also have to be out of pocket for expenses, but the problem is, even just adding $1 moves things from social rhelm to the market rhelm and suddenly it's an expensive exercise, plus you have the problem of people being co-ersed into it by the thought of getting some cash.

    It's all to much to think about as I sit in my sick bed, all I know if that having lost one body part (my appendix) and being about to lose another (my thyroid), I'm not prepared to lose anymore.

    1. Are you not well? Sorry to hear it. I hear you had a great time on the weekend on the island. Hope you get better soon and thanks so much for reading and being such a fabulous commentator!!!

    2. My boss's boss, went for a two week trip around the world (visiting our global offices, none of which are in particularly exciting places unfortunately - anyone heard of Soux Falls?) and came back with a severe cold. I thought, great!, brand new bugs, it's just a matter of time. Mind over matter or just scientific reality? Who can say? All I know is that I am stuck in bed and have time to comment on your blog, rather than my usual quick read over breakfast, so it's not all bad.

      P.S. Yes, Saturday was lovely. Great that B---'s piece (pieces?) sold as well. Did she find out who bought it / them?

  2. What about people that had Children just to get The Baby Bonus? In order to buy a Flat Screen T.V? I bet you they called the child Tegan. Now that is wrong.

    I promise you some English Ginger Bread Cake soon.


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