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Day 42: Hibiscuses or Hibiscii?

I think, by the number of blog posts I am seeing lately in awe, adoration or favour of this, that I will alienate myself with the following little sentence. I don't believe in Valentine's Day. It's a crock! Really, just look closely at it. It's a marketing tool for people who make pink things, red things, chocolate things, intimate things, and things with precious metals and stones in them. My guess: girls like it because they get, or hope to get, things as described (if not also things that should never, ever actually be gifts—household appliances, practical things); and boys either hate it for its expectations or use it for theirs. Insert 'givers' and 'getters' in place of 'girls' and 'boys' to be applicable to your preferences or situation. And I am not just saying this because I am significant-other-less and bitter. I do have one. I never have to wait for a day allocated to the global celebration of love to get sweetness and gifts from him. The other day I came home to a shopping bag on the porch full of long-life lactose-free milk, cans of baked beans and sausages, and lime jelly crystals. It sounds odd, but each item is carefully selected, based on conversations and observations from the days passed, and is so much sweeter than an obligatory gift just because of a date in February.

List_Addict               Irene

So when February fourteenth rolls by in a couple of days, celebrate, promote and push V-Day instead. Ironically Valentine's Day is said to have originated with a Roman festivity in which naked men sacrificed a goat, dipped its hide in blood, and whipped women with it in the name of fertility. V-Day fights violence against women—rape, battery, incest, genital mutilation and slavery. It is V-Day's fifteenth anniversary this year. They want one billion women and men who support a stop to violence against women to step out and rise up. One billion is said to be the number of women whose lives are in some way impacted by violence against women around the world. In Melbourne, on the 14th at 5.45 pm, thousands of women will rise up in Federation Square to say no to violence. Why don't you pop along too? Or look on the website for events happening in your local area. Seems a much better way to spend this otherwise commercially repugnant day doesn't it?

The Outfit
Dress: Op-shopped
Socks: Gifted
Bracelets: Purchased and Gifted
Shoes: Scooter, Op-shopped
Photographer: B——

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  1. Yes indeed, all the Commercial hype pertaining to Valentines day is nauseating to say the least. But it means business for Florists, Newsagents and Chocolate Shops. I am afraid 'The Sheep' mentality prevails for most of Gen Population. I more than happy to be in the minority.

  2. Brava to you and all the women working against violence! And, not-for-nothing, you look pretty fab in your floral flrock : > Thanks for linking up.

  3. Hello there, just found your blog via Patti and the Visible gang.
    Well, of course you wear that gorgeous frock with its lovely print way better than Irene - you have fabulous shoes AND a better pose!
    I don't do Valentine's Day either, the tacky undies, overpriced flowers and saccharine hearts-n-teddies thing holds no charm for me, I'm afraid. But I AM interested to hear about V-Day, this is a new one to me so I shall investigate.
    Pleased to meet you!
    Love Curtise xx

    1. Lovely to meet you too! Thanks so much for visiting.


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