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Day 46: Now That Was Productive.

It started slow. At the Senior's Op Shop I only managed a pair of (slightly over-priced) knitting needles. They had a couple of things that were lovely, even slightly unusual (because the unusual was all I was after today), but it was the old dilemma: not unusual enough to pay twenty dollars for something that is just to be bought because it is unusual. You know that dilemma. The Salvos On High St, Kew was next. A great disappointment. There is a core element to thrifting which says there needs to be the sense of getting a bargain. This, above and beyond the fact that you stop things going to landfill, slow (in some miniscule way) the production of new ess, aitch, one, tee, and land yourself unique and characterful pieces distinct from the monotony of retail. And I understand that for charities this is business. But fifeteen, twenty, thirty dollars for recycled, not vintage, not haute couture, clothing and shoes is borderline too much. The occasional piece justifiably priced that way is okay when there are bargains to be had in other parts of the store, but for your feedback Salvos in High St, Kew, it put me off you altogether. I am not stingey with my recycling budget—quite the opposite—but I'll go where I feel like I am not being exploited.

The spirits were down so we had coffee. And then the Epilepsy shop made it all okay again. Fabulous items, reasonable prices, steamy changing rooms and witty banter with the volunteers, and we were on our way with three or four pieces each. St Vinnies worked a charm. And they even had one piece in the unusual category that did warrant a twenty dollar price tag (stay tuned). The shop where B—— volunteers, the Mental Illness Fellowship, was great and I even picked up a pair of badmington racquets and a set of shuttlecocks for $4.50 as a pesent for V—— for lending us his car. Lastly and exhaustedly leastly, the MS Op-Shop had some unusual things for fifty percent off. End result: about sixteen or seventeen items for a hundred and fifty dollars. You cannot be unhappy with that. And I even went down the extremely scary second-hand shoes path—eek! Now just have to wash, dry and squeeze all these items into my cupboard, somehow.

Irene               List_Addict

And then I went out with the girls for drinks and dinner. It was quite girl themed: Madame Brussel's, Mrs Parma's and Chloe's at Young and Jacksons (well the Cider Bar actually). I have had way too much to drink, far too much to eat and a lot of fun and laughter. Kindest thanks to S—— (give me the go ahead and I will change this to full name if you prefer not to have the anonymity of em dashes), my guest photographer de jour and all the girls for their patience, and mocking laughter, buring the shoot in China Town between venues. End result: Shattered and so looking forward to my bed. Bed. I heart you!

The Outfit
Dress: Op-shopped (one of my favourite op-shopped items ever)
Cardigan: Op-shopped (one of my favourite cardigans ever)
Shoes: Irregular Choice 'Felt Attack' (one of my favourite pairs ever)
Photographer de Jour: S——

Who wore it better?

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  1. I'm a firm believer that one cannot ever eat too much but drink? Perhaps occasionally. You look great, classy and fun at the same time. :)

    1. Thanks so much for coming by. I agree re the 'occasionally' - too old for a hangover. If I have a bevy it is usually a cocktail and I am a firm believer that they usually never put alcohol in them (doesn't taste like it!)

  2. As long as you enjoy the now you really can't go wrong. Beautiful Picture! Vibrant and alive.

  3. omg! you look so cute!!! its like identical!!! love your shoes, how fun!! thank you for linking up!! xoxo

    1. Thanks so much for hosting! And welcome to my silly blog :)


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