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Day 194: Handmade Cheese Dip in Lyon

Oh my goodness! Look at my content face. That is the face of seeing, and being in, and photographing in, sunshine, not too warm, but sunshine, after so many days in that green kitchen. The boy, bless his cotton-blend socks, took me on an eight outfit super-shoot. I may be behind blog-post-wise, but now I am way ahead photo-wise and it is very exciting. Tomorrow starts a theme week that I am also super excited about. Should I tell you now? Why not? In honour of the last week of the Tour de France with its leader in yellow, and in honour of the eternal adoration I feel for tutus, this coming week finds me combining my new favourite clothing item recently arrived from ModCloth with anything I think may go with it. I am in love. I didn't want to take it off. And it sure got a few looks at the supermarket after the shoot. I'm just working up the courage to wear it to work now. My work mates know my dress sense is odd, but it still makes me jittery when I walk in. There is also the matter of riding the bike to work in it. Although I would think it was an amazing thing if I saw it.

I also did the never-done and painted my finger nails for the shoot. I bought two bottles of OPI on the way back in from Thailand last month: 'Black Onyx' and 'My Chihuahua Bites'. So I painted my short nails in the black and my long nails in the coral. (You realised a biting chihuahua was coral coloured didn't you?) Oddly my nails break evenly and so the long and short nails on each hand are identical. I'm loving having such beautiful nails, but I can't do anything practical.

Irene               List_Addict

I cooked, practical considerations aside. And I cooked adult food no less. I always consider a roast something that only parents make, not me. I have started eating grass-fed meat and because it is not readily available, I decided to order a bunch and pop it in the freezer. The pack I bought included two roasts. The boy isn't a slab-of-meat fan and so it is a little weird to make a roast for one. I made roast dinner with potatoes, carrot and cauliflower for tonight's dinner and tomorrow's lunch. And then left-overs will go into Thai Beef Salads for the rest of the week. A Thai dressing made from scratch. And in the spirit of trying to eat better, I also made pico de gallo for serving with refried beans, spinach and an egg for breakfast (my interpretation a huevos mexicanos). My nails are still mostly okay, but my fingertips are burning from cutting up chilli. I am so excited about food for the next few days. And, ultimately, I think it will be mostly good for me.

The Outfit
Dress: Primark
Cardigan: Op-shopped
Necklace: CCJJSS
Clutch: Op-shopped (can't believe I got this en trend, blog-worthy clutch for less than ten dollars at the op-shop! Score!)
Shoes: Irregular Choice

Photographer de Jour: V——

Who wore it better?

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  1. I'm excited to see what dress you bought from ModCloth.

    All your talk about food has made me to eat a scone.


  2. I love your outfit - love the blue bolero jacket and the pink accented accessories! And I love the thought of being able to eat the yummy food you described - if only my husband wasn't such a picky eater. He would love the roast and veg, but absolutely nothing else you mentioned.

    Can't wait to see the vavavoomster!

  3. Did you say tutu? I love tutus. For some reason I thought one could not get away with wearing a tutu after the age of 30 unless one was actually a ballerina on stage (perhaps subconsciously that's was lead to my short-lived foray into ballet). Looking forward to being proved wrong.

    BTW, waved hello to your house as I drive past this morning, circa 7am, on the way to the airport.

    1. Waving back! I always forget to consider age in my dressing until I'm already out of the house and its too late. Like suddenly in the supermarket queue or half way through a shift. Xxx


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