Day 15: Call 911: I've Broken a Nail!

Calling an emergency line for a broken nail is beyond silly. It demonstrates a real lack of understanding about what an emergency actually is. But what about when it is your puppy's nail. When the stoic little braveheart is humbly and gently administering soothing licks to the soft quick from which her nail has been torn and which hangs painfully on like a reminder of HELL! I still didn't call the emergency line, but I should have for the three to four broken hearts that were watching her. Instead she is booked in for surgery in the morning. I don't think she knows, but she was very reluctant to enter the Vet's today when usually she clambers to get in, with thoughts of liver treats running through her mind, whenever we go past.

List_Addict               Irene

Kudos to Port Melbourne Veterinary Clinic and Hospital (that's our vet in the purple). They didn't tell me off for being late with her injections. They called her a great patient. And they will get her all fixed up tomorrow, I am sure. Our nurse-inspired outfit is for you Lollii. My sadness is mostly for your pain, but a little bit because I have to go back to work tomorrow. Irene, on the other hand, didn't allow emotion to interfere with her fashion shoot. Some may call that cold. Just saying.

The Outfit
T-shirt: Threadless
Skirt: op-shopped
Shawl: op-shopped, and no, not real!
Headband: St John's
Shoes: Irregular Choice 'Fresh Cut Grass'

Who wore it better?


  1. All Creatures great and small. Everybody loves Lollipop, I loved her before I met her. Hope you are feeling better soon Sweetie Pie and THE PARK is not far away for you. Great outfit too C.G.

  2. I've passed your love on to Lollii in thousands of kisses!


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