Wear 4: Credit where Credit's Due

A blog is not like a movie. But my public is asking for a mid-movie credit roll. Admittedly, you do get a taster for some of the important behind-the-sceners in the opening credits so let's say the last three days were the lead-in scenes and today is the bit where we get to play a big Bond-style tune and have fabulous graphics. Except for the music. And the excellent graphics. Here is the credit list that, once I get my Academy Award, will also be included on the thank-you list tucked into the bodice of a splendid and sparkly dress.

List_Addict               Irene

Photography: B——, V——
(Because, of course, they want credit but not to have their names on the Internet. Fussy Artistic Types)
Photo Editor: List_Addict
Diptic Operator: List_Addict
Location Supervisor: B——
Transport Supervisor: V——
Dolly Grip: Lollii
Lolli Grip: V——
Artistic Director: Anyone with an opinion
Costume: List_Addict
Make-Up: Position Vacant
Catering: Cafe Saigon and assorted biscuit companies
Casting, Written, Produced and Directed: List_Addict

The Outfit
Top: Natural fibres, op-shopped
Skirt: Natural fibres, op-shopped
Socks: Sock Dreams
Clogs: Swedish Hasbeens

Who wore it better?


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