Day 26: Oz Day

Blue, white and red for Oz Day. Red, black and yellow earrings for Not-Oz Day. No politics here. The steak and tongs came out only for the shoot. And it is actually Lollii's steak. Had no stubbies and a Stoly pre-mix didn't seem right, although it is an okay 'sheila' type drink. I was actually going to have bolognese but got waylaid planning a trip to Vietnam and now it's too late to bustle around in the kitchen making pasta (one am), so it'll be toast and chocolate biscuits for dinner. I am so consistantly bad at shopping that I almost don't know if I can eat any more chocolate biscuits. It is a miracle!

Irene               List_Addict

I am not sure how I am going to do this blog while I am in Vietnam. I certainly am not taking Irene (I'd have to buy her a seat on the plane being the main reason for that). I will either have to go solo, dress my travelling partner in the same clothes as a stand-in Irene, or pre-plan every outfit and take the photos prior to leaving. Opinions sought.

The Outfit
Dress: Metallicus (on sale)
Cowboy-Style Corduroy Shirt: op-shopped
Tights: Macy's Times Square
Earrings: Borrowed
Tongs and Steak: Coles
Shoes: Irregular Choice 'Spat Attack'

Who wore it better?


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