Wear 12: Riding Along on my Bicycle Honey

I rode to work on a blue bike with my skirt blowing in the wind. Old fashioned style. Skirt guards and three gears like proper non-I-want-to-be-on-the-Tour-de-France-and-wear-lycra bicycles should be. The only down side (beside being late-ish and having to rush and end up scarlet in the face for at least an hour) is that it was blue blue bike. Again! Because even though I don't want to ride like I am in the Tour de France (that is, fast, competitively or within cooee of any other cyclist), I still want the jerseys. On the way home this morning I lucked a green blue bike. Happy. It made me not even care that it was a head wind all the way home. There is one coloured blue bike for each of the Tour jerseys: yellow, white, green, and white with dots. So this morning I was the winner of the sprint category for 17.9 minutes There is also, allegedly, a red bike. Just because you have to have a red one I suppose. It is probably fast.

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That swing of the earring you see above is probably the reason my ear lobes are now bruised. I lasted about three hours with those earring getting caught in lanyards and headphones before I gave in. On my ebay account the special matching software decided that based on my browsing history I should look at those things that slowly make an enormous lobe with a hole in the middle. Um? How does my history of looking for shoe lasts come up with that as a 'maybe you'd like these?'

The Outfit
T-shirt: Mexican Wrestling show merchandise
Jacket: Myers, very very long time ago
Skirt: Bought for a ball when I was a slave to the travel industry and one of my favourite casual clothing items since (love the juxtaposition!)
Beads and Baubles from assorted Bead and Bauble shops
Shoes: Ebayed Golf Shoes with spikes still attached (protection of shoes more important than protection of floor, naturally)

Who wore it better?


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