Day 25: The Dude Who Read

I finished the first book for 2013 today. Cold Comfort Farm by Stella Gibbons. Ninety-nine to go. At my current pace, according to Goodreads, I am five books behind my goal of a hundred books. Mmm. This may surprise some of you, but I keep an anal, oops, I mean annual account of the books I read, with little reviews, and at the end of the year I work out how my reading year compares with other years (best was 2011: 61 books; worst was 2012: 30!), and what the best and worst books of the year were (for the year just gone the best were The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle and The Hunger Games trilogy; worst, for obvious reasons, Fifty Shades of Grey, and because the author is an egomaniac, The Fell Walker). I do this on my Goodreads account, and just in case the digital world melts all its memory somewhere in a massive storage system in New Mexico, I also have a hard copy. You're right, anal is the correct word.

Irene               List_Addict

Why stop there? I'll explain the 'pile' too. Well, two piles and a bookcase actually. On the 'reading pile' there are fifteen books, plus The Book Of Secrets (read as I write blank page, clean slate, open book), and a book at work in case I ever have a spare moment of something other than sheer panic, and use it to read. At the commencement of the 'reading cycle' I order the books: closest to finished through to longest to finish. Then I alternately, at each reading opportunity, read from the closest and the next in the pile until the closest is finished. Are you following? When the closest is finished, the next 'next in the pile' becomes the main reading book and it too is cycled alternately through the whole pile. Then, it is the turn of the 'chosen' book to be the main book. For each cycle a 'chosen' book is selected by whim. Stick with me, I know it's confusing. Because I am trying to get the pile down to five real books and three virtual ones, I replenish one real book from the 'next-to-read pile' onto the 'reading pile' for every two finished real books. Once I get rid of that pile, they will come from the bookcase. Virtual books will just not be replaced until we get to fewer than three. I won't go into the selection from either the bookcase or the virtual bookcases today—I think I have taxed your logic too much already. Can you see why it is so hard to read a hundred books? Beside the blogs and the knitting and actually day-to-day living, the organisation of reading takes some time! My brain hurts.

The Outfit
T-shirt: Op-shopped
Jumper: Had it so long I can't recall where it's from but I would say retail
Pants: Primark, London (Linen for ten pounds, how do they do it so cheap—actually, don't tell me. I know, and I am ashamed.)
Scarf: Op-shopped
Gold Headband: Junky Jewellery shop somewhere
Shoes: Irregular Choice 'Miss Twiss' (one of my very favourites (nearly took me over my weight allowance bringing then home from England—they're actually wooden!))

Who wore it better?


  1. Christ - with a complex system like that I would have thought you were a virgo, if I didn't know better. Which reminds me, I did start an analysis of your horoscope at one point, must dig that up and finish it off. My only defense is that clearly the universe is trying to keep this info from you, because as they say, "everything happens for a reason". (I'm sure if I keep telling myself that, sooner or later I'll begin to believe it.)


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