Wear 7: Big, Bad Monsters and Voices

Because it was hot again, Medium-to-arguably-large Red Hiding Hood decided she would swim out to see Grandma on the pontoon in the middle of the bay. She put on her bathers, and then, because her mind is full of popular culture references, she put on a woolly jumper so she could have a photo shoot just like Marilyn Monroe did. The ground between Medium-to-arguably-large Red Hiding Hood's house and the beach is spiky and thorny and sharp, boom, boom, pokey and bristley and hot, boom, boom. So shoes were also very important. Walking outside she could see all the big, bad wolves at the building site next door. They weren't paying the least amount of attention to the oddly clad Medium-to-arguably-large Red Hiding Hood though, because they were busy ranting and yelling about the foundations being badly meshed and not level, and having to be done again. Sometimes when your enemies, like big, bad construction wolves, are upset, it is hard to not feel a little bit happy. But that's not nice, and laughing a lot about it is even meaner. You can see Medium-to-arguably-large Red Hiding Hood laughing here about the builders. And because she was laughing so much she had to have Mickey Mouse hands to hold her laughing tummy in place so all her insides didn't spill out. Her Mummy didn't approve of her behaviour and said she couldn't go to the beach after all.

List_Addict               Irene

Some people think Irene isn't getting a voice in this forum. (You do all seem to keep forgetting she doesn't actually have a mouth). I asked her what her favourite fairy tale was. She said: 'The Town Musicians of Bremen'. I asked her who her favourite designer was. She said: 'Alexander McQueen, may the all-knowing bless his good-consciousness'. She's not chatty. In some ways she is nothing more than a clothes pony. If you have any questions for her, I am happy to ask. That's all I can do. She has fingers; she could start her own blog if she had something to say!

The Outfit
Bathers: Unique Vintage
Cardigan: Op shopped
Glove: Disneyland
Boots: Sachi

Who wore it better?


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