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Day 126: So Make It Ragged and Dirty

I don't like to 'explain' the photos. My photographers are artists. Artists with vision and insight. Artists with a bossy model. A model who often gets her priorities wrong and plays badmington in the park until the sun goes down instead of getting photos done. And who then must force her photographers to find somewhere, after dark, where there is enough (barely) light to take a photo without trespassing. And so we ended up in a Bunnings carpark with the high beams on, a stream of traffic going past, and a homage to the 1996 movie Crash—a bizarre movie about car crashes, disfigurement and sexuality which make my missing features more poignant (or art-house).

And speaking of crashes, riddle me something will you. There is a furore in the media today about a proposal to put number plates on the front of motorbikes because not enough of them are able to be identified by speed cameras. People are so anti speed cameras and parking fines. What I do not understand-and call me silly, or blame it on not having had a car for many years-is this: if you don't want to get a speeding ticket or a parking ticket or any traffic related infringement, wouldn't the easiest thing be not to speed or not to park where, or for longer, than it is permissable. That has surely got to be a more achievable way of keeping your money out of police or government coffers than actually trying to make those parties take away the cameras and the tickets. I don't get it. Can you explain this to me?

Irene               List_Addict

It's scale day. Blah! Neither up nor down. Boring. Next monday I am starting a twelve week diet challenge with a friend. We'll see how that goes. It will involve shopping so I will need to be strong and focused. Speaking of shopping, the boy took me op-shopping/thrifting today. I went to four stores and ended up with fourteen items for eighty-four dollars. Today's dress is one. One of the stores had a two dollar rack happening. I bought a whole bunch of things that I wouldn't have paid more for but will probably end up loving. And I think I was subconsciously buying things that may actually fit so you should hopefully see them soon. Oddly, I should be able to have an orange-based week from today's purchases. Do you find you sometimes have a spree and get home to discover you have some unknowing pattern in your head that you have exploited. Weird.

The Outfit
Dress: Op-shopped
Shrug: Op-shopped (put away the paint, it isn't real!)
Tights: Retail
Shoes: Irregular Choice

Photographer de Jour: V——

Who wore it better?

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  1. Fabulous little dress! Thanks for linking it up to Visible Monday xoxoxo

  2. Your query about why people don't just stop speeding is entirely too logical for most dimwits who think they are entitled to do what they want without government intervention. In the US people insist on having a gun so they can protect themselves from government tyranny. They don't realize that if they use a gun against government tyranny, they've just signed their own death sentence. Geesh.

    Anyway, cute dress, what I can see of it in the headlights! And I can't wait to see the orange week. I once came home with a cardi, bracelet, magazine, nail polish and nail polish remover, and they were all various shades of green teal.

  3. Loved the movie, love the photo - and is that skin tone fishnets? So jealous.

    1. From Myers - you can have a pair too. It is an amazing movie. I have to watch it again one of these days to see if the reality matches the memory. Or maybe best not to actually!

    2. Aha! I will be heading into Myers this week then, except I'm still on "oh-my-God-I-can-never-spend-money-again-mode". Although, carve outs are appearing, eg, I "need" a pair of those funky thick black frame glasses because my glasses make me dizzy for a little bit when I put them on, notwithstanding this happens about once a year.

    3. PS tricky call on re-watching Crash. In general I say don't go back, but I think that movie may stand up to the test of time in that it was so unusual in the first place

  4. What a lovely outfit, that dress is fabulous and you look very glamorous in the fur!

    I'm visiting you as a fellow Visible Monday blogger, do pop by and check out my outfit if you get the time!

    1. Thanks so much for visiting! I have visited your blog often from link ups. I like it a lot. You're doing a great job and you has some amazing and unique outfits.


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