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Day 151: Adventures in Wonderland

I have been remiss in my storytelling duties in a number of ways in the last day. Well, firstly look at the time. It's tomorrow and I haven't done today's blog yet. I'm loving this early morning thing—it's a six forty-five kind of a start this morning, the sun already up, but this can't be relied on and is technically late and keeping you waiting. Secondly, no cocktail photo. What! Don't be a hundred percent alarmed, there were cocktails. It's just—and don't mistake this for a complaint—they were all in plastic glasses due to being purchased water-side in the pool bar, and didn't look picturesque. I was hanging out for the 'pretty' one, but then I didn't feel like any more. I promise to take photos of all of them today and then at least we have something. Beauty is in the eye, etc, etc, and it is not for me to judge if you will like the picture of the cocktail or not on the basis of its plastic glass. But the most serious breach of my obligation to you, my reading audience, is that I did nothing story-worthy all day. I've absolutely nothing to tell you.

List_Addict               Irene

In an attempt to make it appear adventuresome, here is my day emphasised. Breakfast, that most essential of meals, was a delight fit for the beautiful brides of kings. Silky juices from godly fruits sweetened and prepared the mouth for succulent charcuteried meats prepared by the hands of artisans and exotic birds eggs collected from high mountain coops at dawn. Crafted pastries as delicate as the passing touch of a hummingbird accompanied creamy coffee reminiscent of the Equadorian plains. Yeah, it was quite nice. You could even get donuts hot out of the oil with chocolate and vanilla sauce, I didn't. Buffet breakfast is an exercise in control and decision making in its finest form. Suitably energised we began a trek that would last all day—the search for the rare and elusive set of sunbeds where both are adequately covered by shade as the sun makes its own pilgrimage of daily discovery. It is a battle of epic wills, but pinkness and our eternal shuffling of books, i-Pads, half-empty plastic cocktail glasses and swathes of towels from spot to spot possibly meant the sun was the victor in that battle. Two other major battles raged through the day. Well, three. There was the battle for my attention between my books (a much reduced electronic reading pile of eleven) and the boy's penchant for finding annoying songs on his i-pod to play for me. Then there was the badminton battle, V—— versus me and us versus the heat, played, much to the amusement of several passers-by, on the Incan-like playing field at the front of the resort. And lastly, the ongoing and currently equally pitched battle for billiards domination. I do feel bad that one of my victories is only due to the immediate potting of the black ball on the break. After such an enormous day I was actually quite exhausted. May try to take it a little easier today (tomorrow for the purposes of continuity).

The Outfit
Top: Op-shopped
Skirt: Primark

The Holiday Photo

Cocktail: Cabana Boy, The Plum Bob Bar; white alcohol of some sort, muddled Thai apples and basil, some sort of topper, mmmm, good memory recall there
Steampunk: zigzag path to the pool, over the koi pond

Photographer de Jour: V——

Who wore it better?

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  1. That top looks very light and flowy for those sunny days by the pool (bar) - and it looks like scarves. Hmmm, I need to make a scarf top!

  2. Thanks for linking up for Passion For Fashion again!!


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