Saturday, May 11, 2013

Day 131: Never Mussed the Crease in Your Blue Serge Pants

Okay. Firstly, I am so sorry about asking you to go over to Lookbook and 'hype' me. I thought you could do it without having to sign up and hand over your first born first. Thank you if you did try. And, if for some reason you went over and thought, 'whoo, this looks good, I am going to join up', then don't forget to hype me and let me know when you post something and I will hype you back. I've got four looks up and not a single person looking. I am going to give it a couple of weeks and if I am still in obscurity, I will abandon all hope of being spotted and head-hunted for acting, modelling or to marry someone and move away from my oppressive life in [insert country here]. But while I am thinking about this, here is a quesion for you. What do you think about asking people to follow, or hype, or like, or adore you? I did it yesterday. And, honestly, I feel a little cheap. It seems to be not worth the begging. How do you feel about this? It cracks me up when people do it to me—especially when people ask you to follow them when they haven't followed you. I can imagine people making up a sentence, copying it, and pasting it into ever blog they visit. Please don't let me ever be that obsessed with stats. Virtually slap me if you see me going that way!

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You know how teenagers are a strange bunch and do some weird things? When I was a teenager I developed a crush on the musical career of Marilyn Monroe. I think I may have loved her because she and I share a very limited vocal range. But I still have those songs on my i-Pod, and I love them. They have such wholesomely naughty lines in them. [My keyboard has gone sticky and so, despite beating down on the keys, some letters don't turn up. The last line actually came up 'They have such wholesomely naughty lies in them'. I think that works too.] On the way home tonight I was listening to her version of 'A Fine Romance'. Favourite line: True love should have the thrills that a healthy crime has, we don't have half the thrills that the march of time has'. Splendid. Sums it up perfectly. Poetry, lyrics and advertising are the smartest types of writing. They need to be able to get you quickly, strongly, emotionally, succinctly, electrically, visually. It is easy to ramble on forever and fill a novel (says someone who can't do it!! Write a novel that is, not ramble on forever—that I most certainly can do!), but those three modes take more than people give them credit for I think. I am taking their lead and stopping now before I over-labor all my points.

Well, after this at any rate. I got the spotty blue bike on the way home tonight. (It is spotty, but not blue. Very strange.) It went so perfectly with my striped skirt. It was unexpected pattern mixing! Now I'll stop talking. Now. Yep.

The Outfit
Top: Ishka
Skirt: Op-shopped
Shoes: Irregular Choice

Photographer de Jour: V——

Who wore it better?

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  1. While I am opposed to "follow my blog" comments, particularly when they can be as abrupt as that, I did not find your request to be "Hyped" fell in that category at all. Instead I viewed it as an invitation to co-conspiracy, in that, LookBook takes itself entirely to seriously.

    I also would have signed up straight away but it's hard to do these things on the ipod with the little screen and all.

    I've also +FAN-ed you (not sure what the + is about, but anyway) and a 15 year old "dreamchaser" from Sweden. How could I resist such a lovely title, although it's paralised me coz now I have to think up a cool title of my own before I set up my profile.

    1. I hear you re the title. I have changed mine about fourteen times. I love that you have joined up too!! Cannot wait for you to start popping up your outfits.

  2. I tried to hype you. I don't know if I succeeded but I tried too.

    Interesting that you bring up following though. I have a huge crush on an serial killer. That is, the actor who plays a serial killer on the following. He is rugged and handsome and british and super dreamy. I "liked" his facebook page and follow him on Twitter now.

    There in lies the weird part. I feel like one of his followers on the show and they are a messed up bunch. I want to stay but I want to go. Following people is weird - especially when requested to do so.

    Do you still watch it with you whole KB thing going on???


    1. If you like that actor on the Following he was much better on the mini series Rome where he played Mark Antony. Excellent...just excellent.



    2. Dee-dee, please tell me you are following the actor rather than the serial killer. It is a tad stalky but I am sed to your strange TV ways. He does have an awfully beguiling smile. He is spunkier than Kevin, but there is softest spot in my heart for Kev. Hear mum is comng to stay - we have to catch up before we head off again (didn't I tell you - eek). Love you.

      Thanks so much for the suggestion for more of the serial killer Suzanne :)

  3. I never follow someone who asks that I do. I always visit blogs and then decide if I want to or not.

    I don't ask people to hype me or vote for me. It def feels cheap to me although I will do it for someone else if I'm already following them.


    1. And I really appreciate you hyping me!!! I feel I can rest easy now that I have a couple. Silly silly me!!

  4. Great look and another pair of amazing shoes, whoo not tried hyping yet??? lol I need to check it out :) Thanks for joining us at welcome to the weekend blog hop ...


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