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Day 234: A Homage

We lost a friend this last year. Their body is still in the back yard. Before you ring your local emergency number and try to explain that there is a murderer somewhere in Australia and you read about it on a blog (because that happens and people sound silly when they make that call), just keep in mind it is our pear tree. And that the murderers are actually next door. And are the builders. They dug up its roots. And made it topple over and lie its sad head on the garage roof. It kept its leaves for a few months and tried to struggle on. But with winter they were lost, and in this tree-tricking weather of late, it is showing no sign of the usual flowery spring to life we get each year.

Irene               List_Addict

Those flowers would start it. The greenery would follow and summer could be a little nicer with the fresh air being recycled through it and the shade it provided. Every year it fruited. And when the Bodhi-meister was around (the love-pup that came before Lollii) he would start with eating the buds of pears and carry on all summer eating pears until what he ate probably intoxicated him with its sugary ripeness. The evil builders got an arborist in to have a look. He said the tree was probably a good twenty or more years old. Another example of old growth forest compromised by greed. Eek, sorry, this is a homage not a rant. But that pear tree was our garden forest. It made our garden green in the concrete jungle, cool in the concrete jungle, fresh too.

I have been thinking recently, darling pear tree, that the time is approaching where I need to address your state. While you had leaves, I had hope, but now it's sadness to see you like that, with your head still on the garage roof. Maybe I will cut your trunk into a number of stool-sized pieces and we can sit on you in the just plain concrete concrete jungle and at least feel your soul there as we hope for another tree to grow up in your place, but a foot or so that way [waves left], as magnificent as you were. And hope that the new tree's roots break through the walls of the greedy development and undermine the integrity of their garage and lift well and third storey plunge pool. Hope is an acorn. I'm watching for the oak.

Today's A/W 2013 outfit is inspired by the dotty and stripey madness of Miu Miu. Examples of their collection and my inspiration here and here and here. And in the new game I am playing with myself, the outfit I would choose from the collection is this one.

The Outfit
Dress (under): Op-shopped
Dress (over): Op-shopped skirt
Cardigan: Op-shopped
Tights: Retail
Scarf: Op-shopped
Shoes: Swedish Hasbeens

Photographer de Jour: Moi

Who wore it better?

Making friends today with:


  1. What can be said about the pure Selfishness of certain people? I recall reading a story of STUPID DUMB UNENLIGHTENED people cutting down a beautiful 100 plus Year old Tree, in order to make way for a monument to be placed of a famous DEAD person! Yes that's how it works replace something lovely and living with something ugly and dead. Your example of the poor Pear Tree speaks Volumes about the Intelligence of those adjacent.

    1. You should get a blog my love, you have things to say. When should we set it up?

  2. Aww no, sorry to hear about the pear tree.

    Love this oufit,I am a huge polka dot fan :)

    Thanks for linking up to Share your style Saturday,,,

    1. Thank you. This dotty dress was a great investment from the charity store. Seven million ways to wear it and every one I love. Thanks for stopping by. Xx


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