Wear 3: Thirty-Six Degrees plus Pure Polyester ≠ Good Photo Shoot

Now I understand the tantrums that occur on [Insert Country of Choice]'s Next Top Model. I previously thought it was to do with low blood-sugar levels, but heat and polyester do not a pleasant outside photoshoot make. I'm bright red. I was unmotivated, on my roller skates, to negotiate myself into the more picturesque, but inaccessible, garden corner (so ugly garage doors and yellow buckets are now part of my shoot). And my photographer couldn't be enticed into working through until we got the shot that pleased me.

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Apologies for the late posting: I am sure it will not the the last time this happens. On night shift tonight and with all the best intentions tried to finish this in my breaks. But the night turned out to be stupendously horrible, astonishingly vile and breathtakingly unhappy, and that didn't happen. Yes, I am prone to hyperbole! But it wasn't pleasant. And I didn't even get to have dinner which means I am forced, against my will, to now sit here and eat left over mince tarts and peanut brittle instead. I wouldn't, ordinarily...

The Outfit
Polyester Vintage Kaftan: op-shopped
Roller Skates: hung onto through generations of house moves and birthdays since I was about fourteen!
Necklace: Cheap and Cheerful Jewellery outlet of some sort

Who wore it better?


  1. The urban grunge setting is tres chic! Dressing for hot weather is a bitch tho. What will you do for 41deg?

  2. I hear you! Think I'll succumb to natural fibres. And the harder challenge is I also have to wear it to work!

  3. Perhaps your photographer would be more engaged if she received an acknowledgement in the credits?

    1. But she does acknowledge me in other ways and I am a he.


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