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Day 292: And The Beat Goes On

It is indicitive of my ability for fulfil the ingredients of my lists that I am still writing them two months into their time frame. It has disaster written all over it. If you are new or sporadic here, I have been putting down forty-six desires I wish to realise by the time I turn the same age next October. This post highlights numbers twenty-nine through to thirty-seven (if I can come up with that many) and I am trying for some easily achievable goals today (given one to twenty-eight will take a year each to complete and it's not like I have forty-six lives to do this all in). Yes, I am an over-striver, and an under achiever. But what do they say? Aim for the moon and if you don't make it you are still amongst the stars. I live in the stars.

29. Bake a cake (or nougat, or marshmallow). I never do. So I will. One in a year can't be too hard—although I better do it before I get hypnotised to not want to have cake (or nougat, or marshmallow).

30. Change my name on the final documents: medical, superannuation. And then roll all the supers together. Time to stop paying too many fees.

31. Get my puppies immortalised in ink along my spine. A semi-colon for my lovely comma Bodhi, and a chupa chup for my Lollipop lady. And I guess something for the next dog, from list item number eighteen. I'll just have to wait to get a feel of what that puppy's essence is. I also need a full moon on top of my existing tramp stamp to finish it off.

32. Purchase some cedar balls. And then seasonalise my wardrobe. It seems like such an effort to go to when the next season will be here before I finish this sentence, but there is no other way I am going to see my bedroom floor again.

Irene               List_Addict

33. Take better care of my feet. They are a little feral and a lot abused. They need bi-weekly epsom salt baths and nightly moisturising (along with everything else from dot point fifteen—and, so you know, I have purchased heaps of moisturiser now and am using it. In fact I just moisturised a minute ago. Some stuff is getting done!).

34. Be accountable. I will use my lovely new yellow dairy to diarise doing things and mark down what on this list is being done. And then on the eighteenth of every month I will tell the world about my progress. 'Yay', says the world, 'This won't all end with the next blog post, it will continue [under breath: 'to annoy us'] every month for nearly a year! So happy about that.'

35. Utilise the Boxfit membership we have purchased for the next six months or so. I wish I had invented gym membership. I would be so rich. You get people to pay, willingly, for something they never use, and which induces such shame from its non-use that the customer would not dream to complain. I'm planning on being a grown-up soon. I can't continue with wasteful practises like this. I love Boxfit, I just hate going there. I am sure the hypnotism will assist with this too. Yay.

36. Find a better way to store and locate my growing trashy jewellery collection. Currently it is in a box, a pencil case and hanging from a large knitting needle shoved into a bookshelf (which I thought was genius, but which threatens to take out an eye anytime anyone is in the vicinity).

37. Get rid of my bicycle. Currently it is a clutter-space-taker-temporary-storage-unit-for-accumulating-junk. It encourages the stuff to linger. This encouragement cannot be encouraged. There are so many kilometers on that bike that it pains me to say goodbye, but it is time to let go, time to have an empty space that may encourage me to get a new one. We'll see. I am ambivalent.

Phew, made it through another nine! You can see the other commitments on these posts: day one of promises, day two of promises, day three of promises, and day five of promises.

The Outfit
Clearing the Closet: It’s time to go Sass and Bide jumper which I thought I could sell on eBay but then I got bored with the time-consuming selling of things on eBay
Dress: Op-shopped
Jumper: Op-shopped, Sass and Bide
Necklace: Assorted Junk Jewellery shops
Shoes: Irregular Choice 'Ice Cream Honey'

Photographer de Jour: Moi

Who wore it better?

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  1. Hitnosis is always a danger or a sanctuary. Lots of things to do! I'm anxious thinking about it.
    I love your gown/dress. You reminded me of a silky shiny thing in lavender I need to pull out of my closet, if it doesn't swallow me alive.

    1. I am anxious too - I think I have created a monster! Where's that lavender thing? Let me see! Happy New Year xx

  2. Your gown is lovely. I am very impressed by your list of goals. I feel lazy in comparison. Simply the listing of them exhausts me.

    1. Thanks so much. The list is exhausting me too. I think, once it is done, that I won't actually have the energy to do any of the list items!! Although responding to fabulous vistors is one of them and so I am doing it right now! Yay. Happy New Year xx

  3. The gown is nice on you but it looks more chicky on Irene. I love such ideas. I'll look into my wardrobe for this combination.

  4. Wow what a list, great idea I would not know where to start with my list! Aww great outfit, love the shiny green dress and your wonderful shoes :) thanks for linking up to the weekend blog hop :)


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